Congratulations! You have been scheduled to spotlight your business at a LeadShare meeting.

Spotlighting time is scheduled at each LeadShare meeting to provide individual members with an opportunity to give a more comprehensive explanation about the nature of their business.

Use the following guidelines as you prepare your presentation:
Schedule your presentation in advance. If you know that your company is going to be promoting a particular product, or if your business has seasonal peaks (e.g. tax time), it may be beneficial for you to try to schedule your spotlighting opportunity to tie into that special time or event.
Plan your presentation in advance. Take time to organize your thoughts and jot down notes about the flow of your presentation. There is no one more knowledgeable than you about your business, but even the most experienced speakers keep note cards to remind themselves of important items to be covered. Good preparation helps to give you a more polished presentation, and helps you to come across as the professional you are.
Keep the presentation no longer than ten minutes.
Educate, don’t sell. Spotlighting provides you with an opportunity to educate a whole marketing team, so help them understand what your business is all about.
Suggested content includes:
The nature and type of products and services you provide. Explain briefly, but then also give examples of specific products and/or services that you provide of which your peers may be unaware.
Keep it simple. Speak their language. Stay away from industry specific terminology that they may not understand.
What it is about your business that sets you apart from your competitors.
What training, experience, and other factors make you the expert that you are.
How can a customer or client benefit from your product or service.
Who presently uses your products or services (great marketing tool if you’ve got them), and what types of businesses make good, or even great, prospects for you.
What is the normal industry method of pricing your product or service. You don’t need specifics, but general information as to whether your fees are hourly, unit sale price, or by retainer for example, may be helpful to someone who has no knowledge about your industry.
Whether you will be providing the product or service personally, or whether other people from your company will be assisting.
Use visuals, if at all possible. The average person learns best when they hear, see, and write information,. Visuals will help reinforce what your audience is hearing.
Use audience participation. Since we also learn and feel more connected if we participate, use some form of audience participation, if appropriate.
Everyone loves to win something. You may want to draw a name from the business cards and provide a door prize to one individual or give something to everyone.
A couple of examples include:
After demonstrating a particularly beautiful sample of portrait work and educating the audience about how he achieved particular effects through specific techniques in which he specializes, a photographer gives a gift certificate for a portrait sitting and an 8×10 portrait.
A provider of long distance telephone discount rates gives everyone at the meeting a long distance debit card worth ten minutes of long distance time.