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    September 27, 2017 – Meeting Minutes

    September 27, 2017 – Meeting Minutes

    Leader: Carol Kearney

    Attendance: 21 members, 8 guest

    Spotlighter: Dr. Eric Saxton

    On Deck: Barbara Murphy

    Entrepreneurial Moment:

    How to get recognition for your work:  Be aware of the awards that are available.  Be involved in the community.   Go after anything that you are interested in.  Get your name out there.  Promote, promote, promote.  Put it out there.  Don’t be afraid to ask for votes.  Do it on social media, do it in the office, do it in emails.  

    “A rising tide lifts all boats.”

    Action Points:

    • Leads: YTD: 278 leads, 143 have closed with money, 100 Pending
    • Check your app to close out leads that you have open.  Make sure you have marked all your closed leads with money if there was.
    • Deadline is Friday for the Green Business Challenge
    • Please add your events to our calendar through the APP!


    Spotlighter: Dr Eric Saxton – Saxton Chiropractic and Rehab

    • Dr Eric grew up on a farm in Upstate NY
      • He helped his dad and grandfather until he turned 14 and could get a job on a neighboring farm (making 2.15/hour milking cows).
      • His mom worked in the Emergency room as a Nurse and later on got her Nurse Practitioner degree and his dad is a paramedic and volunteer fire fighter.
      • Dr. Eric always wanted to help people, and he spent his senior year of high school taking classes at the local hospital.
      • Afterward he went on to undergrad with a major in Biology.
      • When he graduated from undergrad, he was unsure what field to go into, so he continued working his summer job at a construction company.
      • A few years later he felt the need to get back on his career track and switch from working on the structure of a house to the structure of the body.
      • He visited a chiropractic school that his friend was attending, and it all made sense.  Not to mention after being adjusted by all the students he shot his best game of golf ever.
    • What makes Saxton Chiropractic and Rehab different?
      • 24/7 online scheduler.  Allowing someone in pain to schedule at all hours of the night for the first available appointment.
      • IN-Network with most insurances (Aetna, Anthem, United, Care1st, Cigna, Kaiser, Inova, etc)  Did you know that fewer than 20% of chiropractors take all these insurances?
      • Appointments are a full 30 minutes.  That’s 30 minutes of hands-on 1 on 1 time with Dr. Eric.  When was the last time you spent that kind of time with any healthcare provider?
      • Combines chiropractic and physical medicine to get the best outcomes for his patients.  Sometimes it’s the muscles, sometimes it’s the joints, sometimes it’s both.  Why go to someone who only addresses one aspect of your condition?
      • He jokingly says he is horrible at business.  He was once let go from another chiropractor’s office because he didn’t make the patients come in often enough, because he was actually getting them better.
    • CHIROPRACTIC HEALTH WEEK in Virginia is the first week in October (next week).  Any new patient exam fee will be waived next week.  So tell your friends/family/loved ones to come in for some chiropractic treatment.

    Upcoming Events:


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