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    September 14, 2016 – Meeting Minutes

    September 14, 2016 – Meeting Minutes

    Attendance: 12 members, 8 guests

    Leader: Carol Kearney

    Spotlighter: Lisa Brill

    On Deck: Dr. Eric Saxton – September 28

    Action Points

    Visit other groups, but we don’t steal other members.

    Our group has fallen to 20 members, so make sure to invite people to our next meeting and hand out the Potomac Promoters cards.

    Spotlighter: Lisa Brill – Value Blinds and Heirloom Drapery

    A little bit about Lisa:

    • Originally from Roanoke, VA
    • Went to Radford College – which later became Radford University
      • She studied Interior Design while she was there
    • Did interior design for 7 years but eventually got tired of retail
    • Started selling materials to designers and that morphed into her job with Hunter Douglas
    • Stopped working with Hunter Douglas and hoped to never work with blinds again
    • Then the owner of Value Blinds called and now she does most of the marketing for the company

    Value Blinds and Heirloom Drapery

    • They bring the store to you so that you can see the products in your home.
    • They interview their clients to find out what they need, not just what they want.
    • Offering UV filtering products to reduce furniture, carpet and hardwood floor fading.
    • Some products have R-values and may pay for their costs in heating/cooling savings
    • Will install Ready-Shades for free so that you don’t have to live in a fishbowl until your blinds come in.
    • Looking for smaller builders, painters, carpet/flooring stores
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