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    September 13, 2017 – Meeting Minutes

    September 13, 2017 – Meeting Minutes

    Leader: Carol Kearney

    Attendance: 19 members, 1 guest

    Spotlighter: Chuck Birdie

    On Deck: Dr. Eric Saxton

    Entrepreneurial Moment:

    Emergency Preparedness – Do you have your important documents ready to go.  Do you have water or food stored up and ready to go.  We don’t think that disasters are going to affect us, but we never can tell what the future can bring, so be prepared.

    Action Points:

    • Please ensure that you have downloaded your new Promoter App
    • The meeting before Thanksgiving will be non-mandatory.
    • Let’s keep our leadshare members in our thoughts.  

    Spotlighter: Chuck Birdie – Lead2Succeed

    • Emotions – We all go through them.  There are 8 emotions: fear, anger, sadness, joy, disgust, surprise, anticipation, and trust
      • Fear – (Apprehension –> Fear –> Terror)
        • Chuck went skydiving and started with a 3 hour class but wasn’t allowed to jump that day.  He had to come back a week later and ended up in a smaller plane which had a different platform for jumping.  By the time he got ready to jump, he looked back to the instructor who told him he had to come back into the plane because they had missed the jump zone.  The plane turned around and out he went.
      • Anger (Annoyance –> Anger –> Rage)
        • Chuck has cats, and if you have cats you know what annoyance is 🙂
      • Sadness (Pensiveness –> Sad –> Grief)
        • Chuck most memorable moment of this emotion relates to the passing of his father
      • Joy (Serenity –> Joy –> Ecstasy)
        • Chuck described his rather unconventional proposal to his wife elicited this emotion
      • Disgust (Boredome –> Disgust –> Loathing)
        • Chuck has experienced a few situations that emulate this emotion, but they don’t need to be regurgitated here.
      • Surprise (Distraction –> Surprise –> Amazement)
        • as an eagle scout, he tries to be prepared, but somethings you can’t expect
      • Anticipation (Interest –> Anticipation –> Vigilance)
        • Chuck thinks the best thing he can remember for this was anticipation for snow when he was a kid.
      • Trust (Acceptance –> Trust –> Admiration)
        • Chuck says that he is here because he Admires each member of the group and how they do what they do.  
        • He hopes that this feeling is returned
    • Contact Chuck for any help with the non-profits that you choose to spend your time with.  He can help with back office things such as board members and documentation or with common issues like fundraising.

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