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    October 11, 2017 – Meeting Minutes

    October 11, 2017 – Meeting Minutes

    Leader: Carol Kearney

    Attendance: 18 members, 6 guest

    Spotlighter: Barbara Murphy

    On Deck: Greg Simmons

    Entrepreneurial Moment:


    • How to dominate your 60 seconds:
      • Use your time to solve a specific problem or use a real life moment/story
      • Identify the prob, describe the solution, identify your target
      • 60 seconds is about 150 words (which is way faster than I can type, I hope you get the gist)


    Action Points:

    • We will be having a new location from here on out.  Colleen and Paul Davis has offered to host us for the foreseeable future.  
    • Next week we will not be able to use the space at Paul Davis and will be traveling to AVFRD.  The address is listed on our calendar.
    • Please add your events to our calendar through the APP!


    Spotlighter: Barbara Murphy – Ashburn Volunteer Fire Department

    • Born in Canada and naturalized to the US after becoming a Nurse
    • Met her husband while he was in the military and she traveled the world as a “camp follower”
    • Came to NoVA 24 years ago so her husband could work on building the greenway
    • She used to walk her dog past the firehouse where she saw a sign on the firehouse “great benefits – no pay”
    • Established in 1944 – after a barn fire where 3 children were killed.  The first building was built in 1968.  Prior to that, the company kept their tanker in a barn to keep the water from freezing.
    • AVFRD is owned by the organization, not by the county like many other stations.  
    • The County staffs the firehouse during the day, and volunteers manage the calls at night.
    • Started the “rescue” portion of the department in the 90’s with a single ambulance.
    • Now the department has 6 ambulances and several fire trucks and 2 stations.

    Upcoming Events:


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