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    November 23, 2016 – Meeting Minutes

    Attendance:  13 members, 3 guests

    Leader: Carol Kearney

    Spotlighter: Mark Moore

    On Deck: Andrea Keith

    Smaller meeting today due to the proximity to Thanksgiving.  We swapped cards and introduced ourselves to ensure that we all know each other’s businesses well enough to be our extended sales force.

    Action Points

    • NEXT WEEK: Lisa will be collecting the Toy’s For Tots, so if you are willing, please bring in an unwrapped gift to donate.
    • Also next week, we will be passing around an envelope for a holiday gift for our server.
    • We are still collecting money for the “Group Celebration” cards.  Al will be taking care of it, but Chuck will be collecting the money
    • Valor Table Sponsorship email will be coming out in the next few weeks.  The initial email will be determining the amount of interest (# of people that would be willing to donate toward the table), and depending on the number of respondents, he will be able to calculate how much each person would owe.
    • We are still in the planning process for our “Service Social”.  We are hoping to do the same event as last year which I think was very enjoyable, and a good way to get to know our fellow members.
    • AVFRD will be selling X-mas trees and wreaths starting Black Friday

    Spotlighter: Mark Moore – Interstate Moving

    • Mark has been in business development for 35 years, with most of his time spent working in the pharmaceutical industry.
    • He then transitioned into an archive and logistics company to be closer to home.
    • Afterward, he worked in record management for a few years and just recently transitioned into a position with Interstate Moving.
    • Mark says he has been able to keep clients while he transitioned from industry to industry, proving that his clients enjoy working with Mark.
    • Interstate can help with commercial moving (into a new office space) or just moving things out of your office for new carpet and having it placed back afterward.
    • An important component of Interstate Moving is protecting everything from the building (halls, walls, floors, etc) you are moving in and out of to the property that is being moved.
    • Interstate provides office/move managers to help facilitate your move so that you can be sure you get all your ducks in a row for the move.
    • They also provide corporate consultations which can help determine the tax benefits for who pays for employees to move during corporate relocations.
    • Mark really enjoys working on the Logistics end as well.  This could entail receiving and storing anything from IT equipment to furniture and then shipping and installing said equipment.
    • They also utilize asset tags so that companies can know what they have in stock and where it is, to best allocate their resources.  For example, Interstate works with AOL and tags all their IT equipment to ensure that they have what they need for different employees and services.

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