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    November 14, 2018 – Meeting Minutes

    November 14, 2018 – Meeting Minutes

    Leader: Carol Kearney

    Attendance: 18 Members, 3 Guests

    Spotlighter: Barbara Murphy

    On Deck: Karen Mason

    Action Points:

    • Share our Facebook Events.
    • The new app is live.  Please “sync” your old app data and then uninstall it and install the new app.
    • Clear up your Pending Leads in the App
    • We will be having a meeting the 4th week in November  because Thanksgiving will fall on the 3rd week this year.
    • Wrapping will be on December 5th from 5-7 right now, we are hoping to move that a bit earlier so we can do a happy hour afterward.  

    Spotlighter: Barbara Murphy 

    • Barbara is French Canadian by origin, specifically southern Ontario.
    • Barbara has two younger brothers.
    • She went to nursing school in Winter Ontario, right across from Detroit.
    • She lived right across from the hospital while she went to school, where there were curfews and check-ins.  
    • Moved to the US after she graduated and worked at the University of Michigan hospital and she participated in their first heart transplant.
    • Barbara joined the Army and went to Vietnam as a Army Nurse
    • She met her husband while in training and they corresponded and he flew her out to San Francisco.
    • While deployed in Vietnam, her husband decided he needed to “put a ring on it” and they had to fly to Hawaii to get married.
    • Moved to Texas and gave birth to her son Michael
    • The Army sent them to live in Sicily and she lived on the navy base.  Eventually they were sent to Germany.
    • Afterward, they were shipped back to Kansas, but then her husband was sent to Korea.  
    • After his deployment, he was sent back to Boston, and then he retired and her family moved back to Virginia to help build the Greenway.
    • Her son was deployed and ended up losing his leg to a land mine.
    • She has a grandson name Matthew, who is currently in college and is an eagle scout.
    • While in back in Virginia, she walked her dog down Ashburn road and came across AVFRD with a sign that said “Volunteers needed, great benefits, no cash” and she was intrigued.  They joined the fire department and hasn’t looked back since.


    Upcoming Events:

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