An individual may join only one LeadShare group and my represent only one business category within that group. This also applies to anyone having multiple Loudoun County Chamber memberships. The reason for this is simple. We don’t want to do anything that might break down the integrity of the group. Example: An individual becomes a member of two LeadShare groups and has a lead for auto insurance. Both groups have auto insurance agents. Who gets the lead?

To join a LeadShare group, one must:

  • Be a Loudoun County Chamber member
  • Receive approval from the group leader so there is no conflict with another member’s business category.
  • Pay the required LeadShare dues.
  • Complete a LeadShare application and forward to the Chamber with the required signatures.
  • A LeadShare position in the group cannot be guaranteed until these procedures have been completed.

A LeadShare waiting list has been created for those businesses wishing to join a group but are unable to do so because there is no vacancy in their business category. This waiting list is used primarily to form new groups. Existing groups may, on occasion, take someone from this list if a vacancy does occur, but are encouraged to recruit using their current group members and target people or companies with which they currently do business.

LeadShare membership is determined on a first-come, first-served basis. Completed applications will be considered in the order in which they are received. Current Chamber members receive priority over non-members.

Two representatives from the same business joining a group, but representing different services or products are required to pay separate LeadShare dues.
There should be no more than 25 members in one LeadShare group, as a large number could jeopardize the effectiveness of the group.

Terms & Definitions

Lead Generator
The person who passes a qualified lead to another member in the group

Lead Recipient
The person who receives the lead from the Lead Generator

Qualified Lead
A lead in which the name of a person/business, who requires a specific service or product, is given by the Lead Generator to the Lead Recipient

The qualified lead, or person to be contacted

A person speaks from personal experience about the quality of service or product provided by another person

These determining factors must occur for a lead to be categorized as a Qualified Lead:

  • The Lead Generator must have first-hand knowledge that there is a specific need.
  • The Lead Generator must tell the Prospect that he knows of a person/business that may be able to fill that specific need.
  • The Lead Generator gives the business card (whenever possible) of the Lead Recipient to the Prospect and lets the Prospect know to expect a call.
  • The Lead Generator immediately calls the Lead Recipient to pass on the contact information for the Prospect and what their specific need is. The Lead Generator should not wait until the group’s next meeting to pass the lead information. This will help avoid the unfortunate situation of an anxious Prospect calling the Lead Recipient before he is prepared.
  • It is very important that the Lead Recipient contact the Prospect as quickly as possible. The Lead Generator has extended his or herself to provide information to the Prospect about the Lead Recipient.  Since the prospect may be one of the Lead Generator’s best customers, or best friends, the Lead Generator needs to be confident that this Prospect will be treated with the utmost professionalism.
  • The Lead Generator enters the lead information on the Leads list and shares it with his/her LeadShare group at the very next meeting.

The following factors constitute a tip (unqualified lead):

  • A tip consists of basic information without pre-qualification.
  • A tip does not count as a Lead because it is not specific and may not necessarily result in generation of business.
  • A tip may be information offered to the group as a whole because someone may benefit from the information. Example: A representative from an office moving company (the Lead Generator) may give a Qualified Lead to a Lead Recipient that Company XYZ is moving and will be requiring new office furniture for the reception area.
  • A tip would be when the Lead Generator elected to tell the LeadShare group that Company XYZ is moving (basic information with pre-qualification). This bit of information could result in the generation of business for someone else (e.g., a printer in the group who may want to call Company XYZ to determine if the company will require printing of new letterhead, business cards, etc.).
  • A tip also may be information that could lead to discounts, savings, or some other benefit in the operation of business. Example: The Lead Generator may give a tip to the group that he knows of an office supply company that is overstocked and will give a 75% discount on copy paper during the next two weeks as an unadvertised special to Chamber members only. Another example would be that Company ABC is downsizing and has five new computers with the latest software, printers, monitors, etc., that will be selling at some fantastically low price.

Duties & Responsibilities

LeadShare Group Member

  • You must be a member of the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce in order to participate in its LeadShare program.
  • Attend regularly scheduled meetings or send a representative. A member is allowed only two (2) absences per quarter.
  • Provide a minimum of two (2) leads per quarter.
  • Attend LeadShare meeting on a regular basis.  Be on time for meetings.
  • Develop an effective one-minute self-introduction which includes information about what constitutes a good lead for your business and what constitutes a great lead for your business.
  • Develop an effective ten minute spotlight presentation.
  • Notify Group Leader or Recorder in the event of an unavoidable absence.
  • Be constantly aware of, and meet minimum LeadShare membership requirements, as specified in both the LeadShare application and manual.


LeadShare Recommendations for Success:

  • Bring one perspective member as your guest per quarter or more frequently as needed to build your group.
  • Be constantly aware of potential leads, or prospective LeadShare members among your clients, business associates, relatives, friends and other sources.
  • Keep your business card holders up-to-date and with you as often as possible, so that you are always prepared to develop referrals.
  • Call you Lead Recipient as soon as possible to alert them of the Prospect and their specific needs.
  • Complete the Lead Slip prior to attending the next LeadShare meeting.
    Pass copies of of Lead Slips to the group Recorder and Lead Recipient at the meeting and announce the lead at the appropriate time.
  • Meet individually with each member of your group outside the regularly scheduled LeadShare meeting to learn more about them and the nature of their business. Remember, it takes time to develop a relationship of trust, and the more time you can find to spend with various members of your group, the more solid networking relationships you will build.
  • Alert the Group Leader if there is a possible conflict with a potential new member.
    Be aware of your group’s attendance policy for snow/inclement weather situations, as it could affect your attendance requirements.

LeadShare Marketing Representative

  • Coordinate and prepare any marketing brochures, flyers, or other materials that the group uses.
    In preparing any of the above, coordinate with the the Chamber Staff Representative as all materials must carry the phrase “LeadShare is a program of the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce.”
  • Coordinate and prepare a marketing plan/strategy for the group as you set priorities for group membership.
  • Prior to LeadShare meetings, collect copies of Chamber materials, such as Loudounclear and event fliers, to help ensure that all group members are aware of upcoming events and networking opportunities.
    Work together with the Group Leader and Recorder to ensure that the group is staying on the proper course.

LeadShare Recorder

  • Monitor and report attendance at each meeting.
  • Report attendance issues to the Group Leader. Study the overall contributions members are making to the group (i.e. attendance, guests, leads passed, handling of leads received) and advise the Group Leader.
  • Monitor and report at each meeting the number of leads passed, leads received, business resulting from leads, and other records as needed.
  • Keep and monitor supplies for the group (i.e. Lead Slips, business card holders, LeadShare applications, and LeadShare manuals.)
  • Distribute appropriate supplies once LeadShare dues have been paid and membership verified.
  • Maintain an accurate roster at all times.
  • Stand in for the Group Leader in the event of his or her unexpected absence.
  • Complete the monthly reports and send them to the LeadShare Administrator in a timely manner.

LeadShare Leader

  • Prepare an agenda for each meeting.
  • Keep meeting dates on a published schedule, such as the agenda.
  • Keep meetings on track. Stop participants who take too long or move away from the agenda.
  • Select members for the positions of Recorder and Marketing Representative.
  • Schedule spotlighters for at least the next two months.
  • Ensure that members are aware of the correct method of passing leads. Make sure that each member has a copy of the manual and review it regularly.
  • Keep track of who has paid LeadShare dues. Do not allow more than two visits for any one guest.
  • Avoid any potential conflict of interest with an existing member when accepting new members into the group.
  • Sign application forms of new members to verify that there are no conflicts with other members in the group.
  • Make sure that all applications are turned into the Chamber Staff Representative.
  • Call members who miss two consecutive meetings to determine LeadShare commitment.
  • Set established times to review roster to identify members that are not meeting their minimum requirements for involvement in LeadShare. Present those names to the group for discussion.
  • Make sure that the appropriate Chamber letters are sent out as deemed necessary.
  • Remove members from the group who are not meeting their commitments.
  • Coordinate with the Group Recorder to ensure that records are accurate.
  • Establish priorities for recruiting new members.
  • Attend regular Leadership Council meetings.
  • Advise LeadShare Chairperson or Chamber Staff Representative of any interested individual whose business category conflicts with current members of group to determine if here’s an opportunity for that individual to become a member of another LeadShare group.
    Ensure that the monthly reports are completed by the Group Recorder and are forwarded in a timely manner to the LeadShare Administrator.
  • Notify LeadShare Chairperson and/or Chamber Staff Representative of any changes in the Group Leadership.
  • Establish and ensure that your group adheres to a policy for snow/inclement weather situations.
  • Make sure that the group completes any surveys that are requested in a timely manner.

LeadShare Administrator

  • Prior to regular LeadShare Leadership Council meetings, request group reports from Group Leader and Recorder.
  • Compile data for consolidated report to include combined summary and individual group totals.
  • Prepare report for presentation at the regular Leadership Council meetings.
  • Communicate regularly with LeadShare Chairperson regarding the participation, responses, trends and other matters pertaining to all the individual LeadShare groups.
  • Attend regular Leadership Council meetings.

LeadShare Chairperson

  • Hold regular LeadShare Leadership Council meetings with all Group Leaders, to include each Group
  • Recorder, Marketing Representative, and the Chamber Staff Representative.
  • Advise and assist all Group Leaders on recruitment and lead generation.
  • Review all reports submitted by each LeadShare group.
  • Provide counsel to each group to help in dealing with potential problems.
  • Coordinate with Chamber Staff on the marketing of LeadShare.
  • Provide reports and updates to the appropriate Chamber Board of Directors Vice President.
  • Visit each LeadShare Group as often as needed.
  • Help provide training for each group, its Leaders, and its Members.
  • Help coordinate LeadShare surveys with the appropriate Chamber Staff Representative.
  • Help in creating new LeadShare groups, where and when necessary.