• 10 MAY 17
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    May 10, 2017 – Meeting Minutes

    Leader: Carol Kearney

    Attendance:  21 members, 5 guests

    Spotlighter: Colleen Shumaker

    On Deck: Rachel Virk

    Entrepreneurial Moment:

    none today 🙁


    Action Points:

    • Sign up for the Green Business Challenge and Get Green Certified.
    • The second meeting in May will take place back at Mimi’s.
    • The first meeting in June will take place at Paul Davis Restoration facilities.


    Spotlighter: Colleen Shumaker – Paul Davis Restoration

    • Have you heard the song: Lean on me or Count on me or have you ever had a best friend bail you out of something
    • We are the company who bails you out.
    • A restoration company that deals with disasters
    • Feels bad when business is great, because that means that some disasters have happend

    Paul Davis Restoration

    • Family owned and operated
    • 12 years and 55+ employees
    • Founded on family principles
    • When they get a call, someone is in a vulnerable state, so you need to have a family approach
    • We aren’t just restoring someones business or house, they are restoring someones LIFE
    • You do business with those that you trust
    • Paul Davis doesn’t just do the clean up, they also put everything back together.


    Colleen told us a story about Scott Brooks, a former fire fighter, who walks through the houses with the clients.  One job, Scott went through the house for 3 weeks to find a wedding ring, even though Paul Davis didn’t get the job.  But that is what makes Paul Davis special.   


    Colleen started in April of 2016.  Previously did online marketing.  Fell in love with the company due to the owners.


    Paul Davis wants to give back.  They donate a large meeting room to non-profits.

    Paul Davis has installed thousands of smoke detectors for those that don’t have them.  


    First priority for business buildings.  This means that Paul Davis gets to know your building and your needs before a disaster happens.  Then if a large disaster happens and they guarantee that they will send someone to your job before others.


    Let us be that call, to your best friend, and be there when you need us.

    Upcoming Events:


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