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    March 28, 2018 – Meeting Minutes

    March 28, 2018 – Meeting Minutes

    Leader: Carol Kearney

    Attendance: 16 members, 7 guests

    Spotlighter: Carol Kearney

    On Deck:  Doug Ward

    Action Points:

    • Healthy Business Challenge has a few weeks left.  Let’s support our members and help ourselves with this free tool.  Visit http://www.loudounchamber.org/healthy-business-challenge/ to get started. 
    • 61 leads for the year, with 35 still pending
    • We are thinking about attending a Nats game for a social event, we will keep you posted with our findings.
    • The Valor Awards donation is $65 and you get your name in the raffle to attend the event.
    • After the meetings, we need to focus on limiting our office chatter.

    Spotlighter: Carol Kearney – Momentum Realty

    • Owner /Broker
    • Best thing Carol has done is be a mom
      • Her son just got married this past year
      • Eldest daughter is a yoga instructor and realtor
      • Youngest daughter is in Richmond at gradschool at VCU
    • Got her license in the 80’s and started taking her son to showings until her son could start moving around on his own.  
    • Then she took some time off to be with her kids.
    • The time she spent raising her kids helped her to learn to listen, and learn that she can’t always plan things.  
    • Carol Cares, and Carol goes with the Flow…
    • Carol gets every designation she can get so that she can better serve her clients.
    • Carols passion is a master gardener and this is her stress relief
    • Carol is a Stevens Minister
    • Carol loves connecting with other businesses.
    • Client oriented care – Carol doesn’t always help someone buy or sell if it isn’t the right time for them to do so.  

    Upcoming Events:


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