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    June 14, 2017 – Meeting Minutes

    June 14, 2017 – Meeting Minutes

    Leader: Carol Kearney

    Attendance:  20 members,  1 guest

    Spotlighter: Doug Ward

    On Deck: Chris Kondracki

    Action Points:

    • Thank you to Paul Davis for letting us use their facility
    • Welcome to our new member Michelle!
    • We have decided to fund the App and it will be up and running soon.
      • Please bring your $5 to Andrea at the next meeting.
    • Make sure you keep Linda flush with cards.  
    • The power groups have evolved into specific mastermind categories and is more than just a power group.
      • Feel free to join/visit every group you might be interested in.


    Spotlighter: Doug Ward – Bank of Clarke County

    • One of the longest standing members of the Potomac Promoters!
    • You have to know, like, and trust someone in order to do business with someone, so here is a little bit about Doug that you may or may not know:
      • Not originally from VA, born and raised in Wilmington DE
        • While stationed in Pensacola, he saw Wayne’s World in the theatre and yelled when they talked about DE, and was quickly laughed at in the theatre.  (one of Doug’s favorite stories about DE)
      • Spent 8 years in the marines, flying airplanes
      • Met his wife as he was leaving the marines
      • Has 2 kids at River Bend Middle School
      • Boy Scout Leader, Cub Scout leader, Lacrosse Coach
      • Started residential mortgage lending right before the real estate bust
        • and he fell back into banking with Middleburg Bank
      • 2 years ago Doug left Middleburg Bank for Bank of Clarke County
      • Doug likes the small town bank feel of his current employer
    • The bank has been around since 1881
    • Many banks are trying to break into Loudoun County with close to 50+ bank names
    • Doug mostly handles commercial loans, to make their business bigger, faster and stronger
    • Doug wants to be your resource for someone wanting to make their business better
    • Doug doesn’t want to get to the point where he can never call you back or that a loan or prospect is too small for him to handle.  

    Upcoming Events:


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