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    January 25, 2017 – Meeting Minutes

    Attendance:  21 members, 20 guests

    Leader: Carol Kearney

    Spotlighter: Jen Cochran

    On Deck: Tyrone Clifton

    What A HUGE Turnout!!!  41 People!!!

    Also, welcome to our newest member, Rich Liuzzi!

    Action Points

    • Our next Mixer is going to be February 15th at BlackFinn.  Please invite guests to the Facebook Event!  https://www.facebook.com/events/1903696149859479/
    • Table for Valor: Our group was one of maybe 2 Leadshare groups that sponsored a table.  An email will be coming out soon with more information and we can start to judge interest in the event.
    • The Executive Committee has decided to streamline the induction of new members process.   New members will now be subject to the executive committee then the rest of the group will be polled for objections.
    • Our group would like to do the Superhero 5K again for LCCC.  Last year we had a few members.  You can walk or run or whatever, but lets get a bigger group together this year.
    • Mark will be leaving Interstate Moving and will be starting with another company, but plans to stay involved with the group under this new position.
    • Healthy Business Challenge:  This is for all businesses of all sizes.  Our group made up a very large percentage of participants in last years challenge.  Let’s continue to be the most active group to prove to everyone that we are the best Leadshare in the Chamber!

    Spotlighter: Jennifer Cochran – Fitness Design Solutions

    • Jen’s journey began in grad school when she worked at a health club and had Fridays off.  She was told that if she took a class in a pilates studio, she could then teach pilates in the health club.  After that she became a yoga teacher rather than just a practitioner to better explain to her clients the difference between yoga and pilates.  After helping many individuals through yoga and pilates, Jen felt like there was a missing link, especially for some of her post-physical therapy patients.  This led her to get certified in massage therapy to better help her patients.

    Help People Look Better, Feel Better, and Live Stronger Through Better Movement

    • When you are told to sit up straight, most of the time it does not feel normal.
      • Unconscious Incompetence – the position that you are sitting in throughout the start of our meeting.  It is poor posture, but you don’t know that you are doing it.
      • Conscious Incompetence – when we draw attention to how you are sitting.  You are still in poor posture, but now you know that you are doing it.
      • Conscious Competence – when you are told to sit up on your sit bones with your back straight and your head looking forward.  Now you are in good posture, but you have to think about doing it.
      • Unconscious Competence – your body becomes trained to hold the good posture without you even thinking about it.  This is the pinnacle that can be achieved through working with Jen
    • Jen works with a lot of people who are post physical therapy
    • One gentleman came to her after low back disc surgery and PT, and the therapist told him that he was at the end of what physical therapy could do and he should try pilates.
    • He and his wife started working with Jen, and eventually he told Jen about his post surgical knee issue that had been bothering him for years.
    • Jen was able to address both the concerns about his low back and knee, and now he is able to run without pain again.

    If you listen to your body when it whispers, you don’t have to listen to it scream.

    Upcoming Events:


    Other Guests include:

    • Danielle Kearney who is also a yoga instructor.
    • Trish McKinney from Loudoun Cat Coalition
    • Tasia Pappas from Spring Hill Real Estate
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