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    January 10, 2018 – Meeting Minutes

    January 10, 2018 – Meeting Minutes

    Leader: Carol Kearney

    Attendance: 18 members, 5 guests


    On Deck:  Karen Parks

    Entrepreneurial Moment: Qualified Leads

    1. The Lead Generator must have first-hand knowledge that there is a specific need.
    2. The Lead Generator must tell the Prospect that he knows of a person/business that may be able to fill that specific need.
    3. The Lead Generator gives the business card (whenever possible) of the Lead Recipient to the Prospect, and lets the Prospect know to expect a contact.
    4. The Lead Generator immediately calls the Lead Recipient to pass on the contact information for the Prospect, and what their specific need is.  The Lead Generator should not wait until the Group’s next meeting to pass the lead information.  This will help avoid the  unfortunate situation of an anxious Prospect contacting the Lead Recipient before he is prepared.
    5. It is very important that the Lead Recipient contact the Prospect as quickly as possible.  The Lead Generator has extended him or herself to provide information to the Prospect about the Lead Recipient.Since the Prospect may be one of the Lead Generator’s best customers, or best friends, the Lead Generator needs to be confident that this Prospect will be treated with the utmost professionalism.


    Action Points:

    • One-2-ones: Below you will notice a graph of One-2-ones and Leads.  As one may have expected, there is a direct correlation between one-2-ones and leads.  One other piece of information that I gathered from this visual is that a majority of the data-points are below 10 one-2-ones.  This is less than one meeting per month and that you may be only meeting with half of our group.  I think a reasonable attainable goal would be to schedule at least one meeting per month.  Let’s slide that graph to the right and make 2018 the best year yet.

    App Errors:

    • If you have not used the app yet this year, it is IMPERATIVE that you click the “sync” button (bottom right hand corner) before entering/editing data.
    • If you have already entered or edited data (prior to syncing) you may receive an error message preventing you from syncing.
    • If you get this error message, it is likely that you have edited a lead that has already been removed from the 2k18 version of the app, and the app cannot find that data point to “update” and it will give you an error.
    • I was able to fix this on someone else’s phone by selecting the menu in the app and there is a option to “reset data” or something similar.  This is not an option unless you have received an error message, and I don’t remember exactly what it is called.  Once you have reset the data, you can then sync without a problem, and then continue to use the app as before.

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