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    February 28, 2018 – Meeting Minutes

    February 28, 2018 – Meeting Minutes

    Leader: Carol Kearney

    Attendance: 17 members, 10 guests

    Spotlighter: Erica Gormley

    On Deck:  Sindi Major-Martinez

    Action Points:

    • 10 Guests!!!  What a great turn out!!
    • Almost all of the members have contributed to the coffee “slush” fund.  If you haven’t contributed or not sure if you have or not, ask Greg.  
    • Healthy Business Challenge is now open.  Let’s support our members and help ourselves with this free tool.  Visit http://www.loudounchamber.org/health-wellness/ to get started.
    • After the meetings, we need to focus on limiting our office chatter.

    Spotlighter: Erica Gormley – John Nugent and Sons

    • Erica grew up in McLean, but her family was originally from Philly
    • She loves skiing, the beach, and tennis
    • Her tennis partner introduced her to the owners


    Nugent and Sons

    • Family owned local business
    • Integrity  and attention to detail are important to the company
    • Reinvests money towards education of our technicians, plumbers, and electricians to keep them current with methods and technology
    • “Your Comfort is our Biggest Priority”
    • heating, A/C, plumbing, electric, generators


     Some Tips from the Pros

    • check air filters
    • shut off exterior water supplies
    • when thinking about upgrading your appliances, make sure to consult with an electrician to ensure if you have the proper voltage
    • have a service agreement on your equipment to maintain your system annually (service agreements can help validate warranty issues)


    Service Agreements:

    • Gold Service Agreement – Heating and Cooling check twice per year (one system each visit)
      • $199 : 1 Zone          $350 : 2 Zones
    • Silver Service Agreement – Heating and Cooling check once per year (both systems at once)
      • $120 : Standard Heating and Cooling (1 zone)   $199 (2 zones)
      • $169 : Oil Furnace and Cooling
      • $368 : Oil/Gas Furnace with Heatpump and Cooling


    Current Specials:

    • Air Purification system, the Air Knight  uses a unique new technology consisting of UV light energy combined with a 5-metal, quint-metallic core to produce a proactive, advanced oxidation to cleanse air and surfaces. It will produce a virtually maintenance free unit that reduces odors, air pollutants, VOC’s, (chemical odors) smoke, mold bacteria and viruses using this homes existing duct system.
      • The Deal is  $995.00 installed!

    Upcoming Events:


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