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    February 10, 2016 Meeting Notes

    Great attendance. New guests included:

    • Girard Gurgick, Energy:Target Zero, 703.302.9944;
    • Gurpreet Birgi, SaiGram Technologies, 703.309.2460;
    • Sunny Cogswell, Sonny &Son’s Painting, LLC, 703.779.1343;
    • Steve Searles, LEDSource.com, 571.585.4533.
    • Ed Powderly and Roland Jarrett returned for second visits and would like to join our group.

    Action Points

    – If Susan Kerr sent you a note to provide her with business cards, please do it.  She needs these for our guests greeting packets.

    – Potomac Promoters Website – Dr. Eric is re-doing this for the team.  More to come on this from Eric.

    POLICY CHANGE: We will change our policy on following Loudoun Cty schools’ snow day closing; Use your best judgment; school closure will not automatically cancel our meeting.

    – Our Leadshare now has a Steering Committee comprised of Carol Kearney, Chuck Birdie and Sid Hooper so please pass ideas, needs and questions to this team.

    Power Groups Are Finalized:  Carol will recruit Leaders; Purpose is to boost leads, identify recruiting needs and help each of us fine-tune our strategies..

    • Real Estate:  Hornbeck, Kearney, Kerr, Lear, Moore, Simmons (6)
    • Health and Wellness:  Cochran, Goldsby, Kondracki, Saxton (4)
    • Business Consulting:  Birdie, Costantino, Gibson, Hooper, Looney, McMahon, Murphy, Thomas (8)
    • Financial Services:  Hornbeck, Kerr, McKenna, Shall, Simmons, Ward (6)
    • Consumer Services:  Brill, Gormley, Looney, McKenna, Shall, Simmons, Thomas (7)

    Entrepreneurial Moment/Spotlighter – Bill Hornbeck

    • Bill was to focus on using Linked in to build your business,
    • Mimi’s posed some technology challenges.
    • Linked in is a marketing tool, not just a resume depository.
    • Bill will send out instructions for joining him on a webinar scheduled from 8:00 to 8:30 am, Wednesday, February 17.  
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