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    August 9, 2017 – Meeting Minutes

    August 9, 2017 – Meeting Minutes

    Leader: Carol Kearney

    Attendance: 18 members, 5 guests

    Spotlighter: Linda Thomas

    On Deck: Lisa Brill

    Action Points:

    • Take the time to become GREEN CERTIFIED!!!!  Please fill out the Green Business Challenge – Its FREE –> CLICK HERE
    • Please ensure that you have downloaded your new Promoter App
    • Add your events through the app and it will be loaded up to the website automatically.
    • The best way to take advantage of the chamber is to be involved.


    Spotlighter: Linda Thomas – ASAP Printing & Mailing

    • Linda grew up in Northern Virginia, went to undergrad at Virginia Tech, and eventually moved back to NoVA.
    • Linda enjoys spending time in her vacation home in Ocean City
    • has dabbled in some accounting, accounts receivable, but felt like she was stuck in an office with no interactions with others.  
    • She decided it was time for a change and wanted to get into sales.  She started selling ads for a gazette.
    • Later she worked for a staffing company for about a year.
    • Then she worked in international postage, and that is where she met the people with ASAP.


    • FULL SERVICE printing and mailing company.
    • Offers a digital storefront (like Paul Davis uses) where the company can add things (business cards) as needed
    • Pick and Pack – ASAP will store items for you until it is time to mail things out.  
    • Data Management – helps to update mailing items for people who have moved.  This cleans up your lists and ensure that you don’t waste any postage.
    • They can also generate lists for you for your mailing needs.
    • Linda and ASAP have done many projects for the Promoters, including a pop-up sign for Jim that he used at his last visit, yard signs for clients, business cards, and more.

    Upcoming Events:


    Other guests include:

    • Zachary Waddell – Salons by JC manager – SBJC.Cascades@gmail.com – 703-255-3311
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