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    August 24, 2016 – Meeting Minutes

    Attendance: 13 members, 2 guests; Sid Hooper had an offer that he could not refuse and will be switching positions and will no longer be a member of Potomac Promoters.

    Leader: Carol Kearney (covered by Greg Simmons)

    Spotlighter: Linda Thomas

    On Deck: Lisa Brill

    Action Points

    • Time is running out for the Green Business Challenge.  Please take 5 minutes and fill it out for some FREE MARKETING!!

    • Visit other groups, but we don’t steal other members.

    • Our group has fallen to 20 members, so make sure to invite people to our next meeting and hand out the Potomac Promoters cards.


    Ty Clifton

    Patrice & Associates Hospitality Recruiting

    571-429-9669 ext 101


    Christian Mijares

    Morgan Stanley



    Spotlighter: Linda Thomas – ASAPfast

    • Just moved into a new space off of old ox road.

    • Set up for both long run and short run projects.

    • Provide printing and mailing in house.

    • Biggest element in cost is postage.

    • Little brochures, large brochures, folders, signs, posters, business cards

    • Most of the clients are trade associations and non-profits.

    • Can get rates that someone else can’t. Not all mailers are linked to the post office and receive an additional discount on mailing.

    • Linda will work with you for anything from design to completion.

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