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    August 22, 2018 – Meeting Minutes

    August 22, 2018 – Meeting Minutes

    Leader: Carol Kearney

    Attendance: 15 Members, 4 Guest

    Spotlighter: Jim Looney

    On Deck: Linda Thomas

    Action Points:

    • Share our Facebook Events.
    • There are still some pending leads from January, please close them out to clean up our stats.
    • When you invite a guest to join us, please CC Doug to add them to his meeting reminders.
    • We had a great turnout at our last social.  The next social will be in the fall and will likely be volunteering for Mobile Hope like we have done in the past.
    • Cascades Fall Festival October 13th.  Join Erica and Dr. Eric for this free community event in Cascades.  Email Dr. Eric or Erica for more info

    Spotlighter: Jim Looney

    • Jim was born in El Salvador in the 1950’s
    • Shortly after Jim’s little brother was born, his parents separated and he moved with his mom to California
    • In an attempt to rekindle their relationship, his mom moved the family to Greece to be with Jim’s father
    • Then to separate again, Jim’s family traveled through Yugoslavia to Spain and ultimately to Missouri
    • This is where Jim met his “new dad” who was in the Air Force
    • Following his “new dad’s” orders, the family spent 3 years in Spain, then moved back to California, then to Hawaii, and eventually to Clinton, MD.
    • Afterwards, his family moved to Okinawa, Japan
      • As an interesting aside, while in Japan, Jim was required to cut his long flowing hair in order to get a job.
      • Reluctant to do so, he bought a wig and had barber cut the wig to a “suitable” haircut, and was able to be employed.  However, he had to return to the barber often to get the wig put on and hide all his hair.
    • Jim eventually moved back to the US and stayed for a time in Ohio before ending up in Maryland again
    • While in Maryland, he worked for a non-profit, and eventually secured a position working for the government
    • After a while of working for the government, Jim began to feel bored, so after playing with his hand held computer, he noticed that he could write a code for his friend to help him compute framing costs (which was originally done completely by hand).
    • He and his friend thought this could be a marketable adventure, and he spent some time marketing it at conventions and he fell in love with framing.
    • Since then, he married his wife Nitaya on 1-11-11 at 11am.
    • And then in 2014, he retired from the government and now focuses on his framing business.


    Other guests include:

    • Barbara Straight, Jim’s long time neighbor
    • Farhad Sariei, Jim’s long time friend and carpenter

    Upcoming Events:

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