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    August 10, 2016 – Meeting Minutes

    August 10, 2016 – Meeting Minutes

    What a great turn out today!  We almost had more guests than we had members!!!

    Attendance: 15 members, 13 guests

    Leader: Carol Kearney

    Spotlighter: Jim Looney

    On Deck: Linda Thomas

    Action Points

    Feel free to email Lisa your leads and updates.

    Visit other groups, but we don’t steal other members.

    Unfortunately, Roland has left the group, and so this was a great week to invite guests.  Let’s schedule some 1-2-1’s with them and make them feel welcome.

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    Dr. Sachi Patel

    Mosaic Dental



    Logan Jones

    Riverbend Landscapes Inc


    Mike McIntyre

    C2C Billing Solutions



    Kensley Dougan

    Securian Capital of the Chesapeake

    703-652-8200 ext 200


    David G. Belcher

    DGB Contracting



    Curt Cimino




    Jordan Bowling

    JB Custom Welding



    Rahman Parker

    Loudoun Free Clinic



    Other Guests

    Leslie Barker (Sully Framing and Art), Anne Statland, and Mindy Belcher (Ever After Portraits)

    Spotlighter: Jim Looney

    Sully Framing and Art

    ’85-’86: Working with a friend, Jim wrote a program to help his friend estimate framing costs and began to travel throughout the framing industry to market this new program.

    ’87: Jim and his friend Cosmo transitioned from marketing the framing program to doing the framing personally with the intention to open up a shop in Sully Station (hence the name “Sully Framing and Art”).

    ’89: Jim opened a shop in Leesburg and brought on some extra help, including Leslie.

    Eventually Jim consolidated his business back into his basement, and brought Leslie with him.

    Currently, Jim has joined the chamber for the 3rd time in 2013.

    Jim has framed all sorts of different projects, from diplomas, letters from the president, athletic gear, to a teapot or a antique japanese flag.

    Jim spoke a little bit about the different types of frames that he has access to, and depending on the object to be framed and the size of the frame how that can affect what options you have.  For instance, with larger frames (a world map for instance) requires a metal frame for stability, and he can even add in a wood trim to make it look like wood.


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