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    April 11, 2018 – Meeting Minutes

    April 11, 2018 – Meeting Minutes

    Leader: Carol Kearney

    Attendance: 21 members, 2 guests

    Spotlighter: Doug Ward

    On Deck:  Ken Shall

    Action Points:

    • Welcome to our NEWEST MEMBER: Gary Cobb!
    • The Valor Awards: We are one of two leadshare groups to support a whole table or more for the event.  We drew random numbers for those who participated, and the two people representing the Potomac Promoters at the event will be Carol and Cindi.
    • Please contribute to the coffee fund if possible.  The coffee fund is down to about $15.
    • Healthy Business challenge is over, thank you for participating.

    Spotlighter: Doug Ward

    • Originally from Wilmington DE.
    • Doug has 7 brothers and sisters, family is originally from Boston
    • University of DE “fighting blue hens” and joined the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity
    • After college, Doug enlisted in the USMC and became KC-130 aircraft commander.
    • 8 years in service China and Japan, and even helped out with the UN in Somalia.
    • Married with 2 boys
    • Doug is the scout leader for his two boys and a lacrosse coach, ,and he enjoys snowboarding and diving
    • Began mortgage originator with Wells Fargo then with Middleburg Bank.
      • Fell back into the bank when the mortgage system started to change
      • switched to Bank of Clarke County 3 years ago and focuses on Commercial Lending


    Bank of Clarke County

    • Commercial Lender/Community Banker
      • we pride ourselves on personal care for our community
    • Bank of Clarke County’s VISION is to be the community bank in the markets we serve.
    • While most banks offer the same things, what makes Bank of Clarke County special –>DOUG WARD!!!

    Upcoming Events:


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